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Child Injury Attorney

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Child Injury

Anytime a child is hurt, everyone involved suffers a heartbreak. The person responsible usually feels miserable about what happened while the confused and frustrated parents and child are left to put broken pieces back together. Parents want to be with the child to assist in the physical healing process, but legal matters demand significant time and attention

Leave the legal aspects of your child's claim to the legal professional. At the Law Office of Jenna D. Harden, Attorney at Law, you can expect personalized care from one of the best injury attorneys in the area. I work directly with each and every client as an individual. Each case is unique and should be treated that way. If your child is injured, let me review your case with you and tell you how I can help.

Possible Child Injuries

Some of the child injury cases that I represent include:

  • Accidents involving firearms.
  • Bicycle and pedestrian collisions.
  • Automobile accidents, including those involving public transportation.
  • Burns.
  • Swimming accidents and other water related incidents.
  • Household poisonings.
  • Watercraft and off-road vehicle accidents.
  • Dog bites.
  • Motorcycle accidents.
My Benefits

I understand that you have options, but the fact is that I get the results without it being a hassle to you. Some of the other benefits of calling me to handle your child injury case are

  • Licensed in both Washington and Oregon.
  • Over fifteen years of experience in legal injury cases.
  • One on one service for every client.
  • Goal is to minimize your hassle so that you and your child can maximize the physical recovery.
  • Provides home and hospital visits.
  • Provides same day appointments, as well as evening and after hour appointments.
  • Every client has direct contact with me. No more run-around.
Getting Started

To get the legal representation that you deserve for your child injury case, contact me today. Let me handle the legal aspect of recovery while you work with your child to maximize his or her physical recovery. For more information and to set up a consultation, call 360.906.8330.

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